Dinner With The Neighbours

THE NEIGHBOURS INVITED US FOR DINNER. This was a great opportunity to spend more time with them, and finally Bill will get to meet them. Yes, there is an age difference, they are newly married, almost 10 years younger than Bill and I, but we managed to bond so well and this is due to us having a lot in common when it comes to fitness and health. You see Anne is a nutritionist and her husband Gary is an accountant but a huge fitness enthusiast. We exchange and discuss tips and recipes. They told me about the health food store Holland and Barrett. And I was telling them about the farmers markets that we have in the States. I can't believe they had never heard of Kale before, it is such a nutrition green. Very good for the body.
Anyway, after that, we played a fun game of Monopoly and had a good laugh. They were very nice people and I'm glad I went round to introduce myself earlier in the week.
Bill and Gary will also be going to the gym together from now on. Great right?

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